Nokia Launches Go Earbuds Series with Clarity, Comfort, Micro, ANC: Price, Features

Nokia Clarity, Comfort, Micro, Go Earbuds Series with ANC launched: Price, features

On Tuesday, HMD Global launched the Nokia Clarity, Comfort, Micro and Go earbuds series. The new earbuds have been featured alongside Nokia’s latest XR20, Nokia 6310 and Nokia C30 (entry-level) smartphones. In addition to the classic earbuds, Nokia’s licensing partner has introduced ‘Solo’ audio devices (mono headsets) which include the Nokia Solo Bud, Nokia Solo Bud +, Nokia Clarity Solo and Nokia Clarity Solo Bud +.

Nokia Clarity earbuds, Comfort earbuds, Micro earbuds, Go earbuds: Price, Availability

HMD Global has launched an array of audio products ranging from 89 89 (approximately Rs. 6,600) for Nokia Clarity earbuds (TWS-821W). The Nokia Clarity earbuds Pro (TWS-841W) is priced at 99 99 (around Rs 7,400). These earbuds will be available in selected global markets from September.

Nokia Comfort earbuds (TWS-411) are priced at 54 54 (around Rs 4,000) and Nokia Comfort earbuds + (TWS-411W) are priced at $ 59 (roughly 4,400). These will be available in selected global markets from the end of August. Meanwhile, the Nokia Comfort earbuds Pro (TWS-631W) will cost 99 99 and will be available in select markets from September.

Nokia Micro earbuds (TWS-111) and Nokia Micro earbuds Pro (TWS-221) are priced at $ 4 (approximately Rs. 4,600) and (9 (approximately Rs. 5,200) respectively. The cheapest model Nokia Go earbuds + (TWS-2018) is priced at $ 34 (approximately Rs 2,600) and will be available worldwide from the end of August. HMD Global did not share any details on whether these earbuds will be available in India.

Nokia Clarity earbuds, Nokia Comfort earbuds, Nokia Micro earbuds Features, Features

Nokia Clarity earbuds and Clarity earbuds Pro feature stem-style design. The earbuds have a 10mm driver with the Pro variant in ANC and Ambient mode. Nokia Clarity earbuds are rated for providing nine hours of battery life and 36 hours are added for charging. The Nokia Clarity earbuds Pro claims to provide seven hours of playtime and adds 28 hours back in charging and launches the ANC. The buds support Bluetooth 5.2 and use Qualcomm CVC technology to reduce background noise. Both earbuds have an IPX5 rating.

Meanwhile, Nokia Comfort earbuds claim to have a compact design, IPX5 water resistance and a total of 29 hours of playback time. Nokia Comfort earbuds + Sport 10mm driver, IPX5 delay and support wireless charging. The earbuds add up to 19.5 hours of charging and give up to 9.5 hours of playtime. As Nokia Comfort earbuds Pro it has dual-mic courtesy of ANC, NC. The earbuds promise a seven-hour backup with the ANC and an eight-hour shutdown of the ANC.

The Nokia Micro earbuds feature dual-mic noise reduction technology, and the Pro models have angle designs for better comfort. It is said that earbuds add 18 hours and give 9 hours backup.

Nokia Go earbuds + specifications

The Nokia Go earbuds + has a 13mm driver and an IPX4 build. They have auto-switching technology that enables switching between one or both earbuds. The earbuds add an additional 19.5 hours for charging and provide 6.5 hours of battery life. The Nokia Go earbuds + comes with a USB-C charging case, and Bluetooth V5 support.

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