Noise Partners Bragi to Launch AI-Powered IntelliBuds TWS Earbuds


Noise has launched a new pair of TWS earbuds in India. But this is unlike most of the earbuds that you will find in the market or even the previous ones from the company. Noise has partnered with German audio product brand Bragi to launch IntelliBuds, which the company claims can learn user usage patterns with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Essentially, you can control functions like calls or music playback using standard touch input, head gestures, and your voice.

Launched as the second “brain child” from the company’s tech incubator called Noise Labs, the new IntelliBuds aim to mainstream hands-free operations. Bragi, which claims to have launched the first truly wireless earbuds, is powering the IntelliBuds with AI that understands user voice commands and head gestures upon continuous use. Bragi said the new IntelliBuds use an AI neural network that has been “rigorously trained for weeks and months after initial calibration to detect and recognize unintentional intentional nodding and nodding.”

In simple words, IntelliBuds uses an AI-powered algorithm that will first take input from you on how you move your head to command the earbuds and use that data to identify all future head movements. The algorithm must know when you want your head to turn or call a song and when you inadvertently nod. “The device has trained algorithms to work in a variety of positions, such as standing, sitting, walking, running, and going up or down stairs.”

Not only head movement, but voice command noises can control tasks on the IntelliBuds. Commands such as “Hey Headphones” after a specific task, such as “Accept” or “Reject” for incoming calls or “Play,” “Pause,” “Next” and “Prev” for music playback Will not require input, especially when you are not comfortable with head movements. Bragi said the algorithm currently supports all major functions but there will be more depending on the use cases. A similar approach would be taken for head gestures, although previous implementations for technology that took non-contact gestures as input have not been quite successful.

The Noise IntelliBuds, as earbuds, support functionalities like Transparency Mode to listen to your surroundings, Equalizer to fine-tune your music, and a new music sharing without having to connect to a smartphone or laptop Allows the secondary IntelliBuds to be connected to the primary. To activate receiving music. ,

The new Noise IntelliBuds will be available on the company’s website from October 14 in black and white for Rs 4,999.

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