New State Mobile April update brings new ‘Ace League’ mode


Crafton, the maker of the popular but banned game Battlegrounds Mobile India, on Friday released a new update for its other battle royale new state mobile. Previously known as PUBG New State, Battle Royale is now receiving an April update that brings a new Ace League mode, improvements to the Erangel map, Siege Mode, Friends Assemble event, Survivor Pass Vol.18, and more .

Ace League Mode: The highlight of the April Update in New State Mobile is the new Ace League, which in the latter half of each season lets players battle enemies using Battle Royale rules. You must enter the preliminary round to be able to access Ace League Mode. The first preliminary round will be held between May 13 and May 19. To be eligible for this round, you must have a Tier score of 3,000 or higher (Diamond V).

According to Krafton, the participation ticket will be awarded to the player who finishes on the first rank. This ticket will ensure the player’s entry into the main event. Ace League mode will take place in third-person squad mode, with a dedicated magnetic field balance applied and the map changing regularly. The biggest difference between Ace League mode and regular Battle Royale is that the former boasts higher basic rewards, including Chicken Medals, BP, Experience Points, and Prestige Coins. Whoever finishes first in the main event will be awarded the Ace League Champion title, among other prizes.

New Erangle Map and New Vehicles: The Erangle map has also received some updates. The ‘Avanpost’ area on the map has changed from a construction site to a new building, which Crafton says provides a more dynamic gameplay experience for players who enjoy the early battles. The map also introduces two new “futuristic” vehicles: a two-seater supercar called the Nova and an electric motorcycle called the Lightning, which replaces the existing Electron vehicle.

Siege Mode: The April Update brings Siege Mode back to New State Mobile. This ‘graveyard’ was available on the battlefield before it was removed. Now available as Solo Mode, Siege Mode will offer players better balance and rewards based on their ranking at the end of the season.

Gathering of Friends: New State Mobile now has a new friend invitation program called “Friends Assemble”, available to both existing and new users. By entering a friend invite code sent by an existing New State Mobile user, a player can receive 20 Chicken Medals. The player can earn additional rewards by completing missions in the mode.

Survivor Pass Vol.18: In the new Survivor Pass Vol.18, ‘Carnage’ is the new hero of the Hunters faction. Carnage’s character skin will be available for free when a player passes all the levels. When a player upgrades to the Premium Pass, they can obtain Carnage’s costume set, while upgrading to the Legacy Pass allows them to re-purchase the ‘Crystal Kingdom Set’.

Game Customization: Krafton has adapted New State Mobile for iOS devices. The new update lets the app maintain higher frames per second while reducing battery consumption and heat generation.

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