New Stat Mobile players will be able to play a new game within the game: Here’s how


New State Mobile and Among US, two of the most popular gaming titles are coming together to create a whole new experience for the players. Will be part of the latest update of the popular mobile battle royale game among us.

When will the update between Us release?

From April 21 to May 19, New State Mobile players will be able to experience our Beach-themed mini-games. Players in the new kingdom will find new in-game items, newly added props on the Troi map, and more.

What will players from the new kingdom experience?

The Stinger of the Betrayal Between Us on the Starting Island of Troi: Based on the core mechanics of Among Us, players will be able to participate in a themed mini-game prior to the start of a match on Troi. When the squad enters the starting island, they will be able to play a quick game between us before the match begins. One member of the squad will be randomly assigned as the traitor, while the remaining members try to avoid being killed by the impostor. The imposter can use weapons to eliminate squad members during the mini-game.

Dress to kill (like a cheater): Through the purchase of special themed crates, players can obtain a variety of in-game items including masks, coats, innerwear, backpacks, weapons, vehicles, and more.

Crewmate Props Infiltration Troi: During the collaboration, players can be on a higher edge than usual as they come across a variety of Among Us Crewmate-themed props scattered across the starting island of Troi and its points of interest in Chester and Anchorville.

Awards during an event between us: Starting April 21, players can participate in an in-game event that requires them to complete a variety of unique missions. Completing these missions will give players our Beach-themed frames, titles, icons and more that can be used to add color to players’ in-game profiles. The more missions players complete, the more items they can earn.

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