New feature to allow real-time editing in Microsoft Teams chat: All you need to know


Microsoft has introduced a new feature to Teams — the Loop component, which will allow for real-time editing in chats. With it, participants will be able to write and edit anything ranging from agendas, checklists, tables, task lists or paragraphs, etc. The company said that the new feature is available in both Teams Meeting Chat and Teams Chat.

To use the feature, below the chat text box, select the Loop Components icon to reveal a menu of components, and then select a component, such as Agenda. After that, a draft will appear in which participants can add a title and begin drafting content to share, or leave it as a blank template.

Participants can also edit the sharing permission level at the top, which is usually set to “People in your organization with the link can edit.” In addition, select the text describing sharing access and customize it to “People in this chat with this link can edit,” then the Send icon to start collaborating with chat participants on the Loop component Click on

Finally, loop components are automatically saved as a “fluid” file in your OneDrive and can be accessed on your Microsoft Teams Chat Files folder on OneDrive, the company said.

Microsoft recently announced that it has improved its Teams Rooms on Android with new touch-enabled features, including the ability to walk and use Microsoft Whiteboards, chat bubbles, and more. Users can take advantage of all the new features by updating to Microsoft Team Rooms on Android Update 3, the tech giant said in a statement.

Microsoft Whiteboard sessions can be launched with just one touch, allowing for instant collaboration. Chat messages are displayed as chat bubbles on the current view, which allows in-room participants to join the chat conversation.

With the touch awareness feature, the touch screen allows users to “control the room system from both the touch display at the front of the room as well as the touch console, making it convenient to operate a team room accessible from any device” goes” . In addition, 4K displays are now supported to further enhance the meeting experience on large screen devices.

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