Netflix top 10 announcement: ‘Inventing Anna’ and ‘The Tinder Swindler’ top the charts


Netflix has released the list of top 10 movies/series for February 2022, both in English and non-English. In terms of series, Shonda Rhimes’ limited series Anna’s Invention Won first place for the second consecutive week. Netflix revealed that the series has clocked 195.97M hours since its February 11 release. Netflix claims that Anna’s Invention Was in the top 10 list in 94 countries. As far as movies are concerned, tinder thug The film topped the list for the third consecutive week with 34.45M hours of views.

tinder thug is a crime documentary about a man who masquerades as a wealthy, diamond mogul to woo women online to make them out of millions of dollars. Notably, both top 10 charts are topped by titles based on fraud. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the sequel to a horror film, follows The Tinder Swindler and came second with 29.18M hours of views. love is blind Season 2 was the second most-watched English show on Netflix, clocking 58.96 million hours.

The most-watched non-English film of early February is love strategy, a Turkish romantic comedy, clocked 16.86M hours. It was among the top 10 films in 50 countries. spanish romance movie, through my window, ranked second with 13.3M hours. Netflix has also announced the release of two more sequels of the film.

For non-English shows, we are all deadA Korean series, for the fourth week in a row, continues to lead the way with 62.13M hours of viewing.

For the Unversed, Netflix has announced the release of not one but two seasons of the very popular series stranger things in 2022. Season 4 and Season 5 will be the final seasons of the show. Additionally, Netflix will release a number of series and movies, including Bridgeton Season 2, against the snow, unexpected, without saying goodbye, Adam Project And more in March 2022.

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