Netflix saves 195 years a day using the ‘skip intro’ button: The story behind the feature


Streaming platform Netflix has quickly become the mainstay of the Indian OTT ecosystem. The company has introduced some such features in the OTT space which have been appreciated by the users. One such feature is the ‘Skip Intro’ button. Netflix has revealed about the feature and the story behind it.

Netflix claims that the ‘skip intro’ button is pressed 136 million times on a normal day. This feature saves 195 years in cumulative time.

This feature was first rolled out six years ago. The idea was to add skip forward and skip backward buttons in 10-second increments. The reason why Skip Back was offered for 10 seconds was for viewers who might have missed a particular moment in the series or movie.

Cameron Johnson, Director Product Innovation at Netflix, explains how he came up with the idea for the ‘Skip Intro’ button. He said, “I was watching Game of Thrones, which has a famously long (and beautiful) opening credits sequence. I found the show so appealing that I wanted to skip the credits and jump right into the story, and I had to put the manual in the right place.” It was frustrating trying to move forward. Sometimes I’d jump too far, and sometimes I’d jump too short. I wondered if other people felt the same way.”

Research from Netflix later showed that about 15% of subscribers were manually forwarding the series within the first five minutes. It was then that they decided to adopt the idea of ​​a ‘skip intro’ button.

Cameron said, “Instead of creating a general purpose solution that can help a little bit with a lot of different needs, such as a 10 second skip forward button, we created a single purpose solution that did just one thing really well.” from.”

Names considered for the feature included “Jump Past Credits,” “Skip Credits,” “Jump Ahead,” “Skip Intro,” and simply “Skip.” Netflix then began testing the feature with a random set of members. Initially, the video streaming platform added the button to only 250 series, excluding movies in the US, UK and Canada. Initially it was launched only on the web.

With extremely good response to the new feature, Netflix added the functionality for more users on TVs in August 2017. On mobile, it was introduced in May 2018.

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