Netflix is ​​testing the Fast Laughs, comedy clip feed section on its TV app


Introduced last year for the mobile app, Netflix’s Fast Laugh, is a TikTok-like vertical feed of funny short videos from shows and movies on Netflix — each about 30 seconds or longer. This feature is now being tested for the TV app The verge. Fast Laugh aims to help users discover new content on the platform and by giving them a glimpse, help them decide if they want to watch it. This can help you save hours and hours of scrolling through what you spend on Netflix to find out what to watch.

If you are a part of this test phase, you will get the Fast Laughs section at the bottom of the homepage. You can simply tap the arrows on either side of the clip to go to the previous clip or the next clip. Users will also get the option to add that particular movie/series to their watch list. They can react to a clip by tapping the “LOL” button. Now, you can watch the full-screen clip from army of the dead, big mouth, Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up special and more in this section on the mobile app.

On the mobile app, Fast Laughs plays in a vertical format and shows short videos one after the other, similar to how the short video concept works on platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels and many more.

Image: The Verge

Notably, since Fast Laughs is a collection of funny clips curated by Netflix employees, it will not be personalized according to the tastes of the user. Notably, Fast Laugh is not available on children’s profiles. Even on adult profiles, users will see a content alert to start watching the stream.

The feature is now being tested in English-speaking countries including the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The company has not revealed anything about how many users will be part of this testing phase and when it will officially start for all users globally.

The post on which Netflix is ​​testing Fast Laughs, the comedy clip feed section, first appeared on BGR India on its TV app.

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