Netflix is ​​serious about gaming above all, expecting to focus on mobile users first

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Netflix’s initiative in the gaming arena seems real. The video streaming platform has now revealed some details in it, which is part of a letter from investors.

It has been revealed that Netflix is ​​in the “early stages of expanding into games” as it appears in a new content category, Netflix, how it deals with original movies, animations and undefined TV

Netflix will soon be setting foot in gaming

To make things easier for people, it will be primarily for people using Netflix via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

The best part about gaming on Netflix is ​​that it will be part of a user’s existing subscription, which means no additional costs.

The letter reads, “We are as excited as ever with our film and TV series offers and we look forward to a long runway of investment and growth across all categories of our existing content, but since we’ve been pushing our way into real programming for almost a decade The right time to learn more about how members value games. “

While we lack the details on how Netflix plans to move into the gaming segment, it is hoped that it will be an extension of its interactive gaming that took the form of Black Mirror Bandersnatch and Stronger Things games.

Previous reports also suggest that gaming spaces allow users to access games that can be downloaded. We hope the games will become a reality on some Netflix with third party titles. With this, Netflix will compete with Apple Arcade, Google Studia, Xbox Pass and many more.

The gaming segment is expected to be a part of the original Netflix application. This means there could be trouble between Apple and Netflix because it could violate Apple’s guidelines. Google Studio, Facebook’s gaming service and more are the reasons why it can’t be made in the company’s App Store. Let’s see how Netflix handles this.

There is no word on when the gaming service will be launched. But since Netflix has hired former EA and Oculus executives Mike Verdu for Netflix, we can expect that “Netflix Gaming” reality will soon become super.

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