Netflix introduces ‘Two Thums Up’ feature for users to improve recommendations


Netflix has released a new feature called ‘Two Thums Up’ for its users globally. This feature is intended to improve the Recommendations section of the platform. This feature will allow Netflix to tailor recommendations to the user accordingly. As of now, there are two features to like and dislike (sort) a title on the platform. The thumbs up icon stands for “Like it” and the thumbs down icon stands for “Not for me.”

The “to thumbs up” feature would mean “loved it”. This new feature has been ported to web, TV, iOS, Android mobile devices along with thumbs up and thumbs down feature. According to Netflix, this feature has now been rolled out for all users.

Netflix introduces ‘Two Thums Up’ feature. Image: Netflix

According to a statement from Netflix, “Our current Thums Up and Thums Down buttons are a great way to let us know how you feel about a series or movie, and in return, you get a profile that shows you how you feel about a series or movie. Better personalizes to taste. However, we’ve learned over time that these feelings can go beyond a simple like or dislike. To provide an additional way of telling us when you’re really into something That means a profile with recommendations that better reflect what you like.”

If you put “Two Thums Up” for a series like Bridgeton for example, Netflix will then recommend the same or more series and movies from the same director Shondaland.

To find this feature on Android phones, all you have to do is tap on the respective heading, and click on the three dots under the heading name. A list of options will pop up including ‘To thumbs up’, ‘I like it’, ‘Download’, ‘Not for me’ and more.

For the unversed, Netflix is ​​also focusing on expanding its gaming section. The content streaming platform recently acquired its third gaming studio named Boss Fight Entertainment. This is the second game studio the company has acquired in March 2022. Netflix already has Oxenfree developer Night School and Next Games developers onboard.

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