Netflix introduces profile transfer to crack down on password sharing


Netflix has announced a new feature called ‘Profile Transfer’ after months of testing in different parts of the world. This new feature will enable users to keep their account data such as their viewing history, saved shows, personalized recommendations and My List among other things, even if they switch to a new profile.

The streaming giant said in a blog post that the new feature will be rolling out to all Netflix users across the world starting today. The company will leave an email to inform users about the availability of the profile transfer feature as soon as it is available in their accounts.

In addition, Netflix said that to transfer a profile, users need to go to ‘Transfer Profile’ by hovering over their profile icon on the homepage and then follow the on-screen instructions. Of course, users will be able to turn off this feature in their account settings at any time.

But why this feature?

Netflix has given two reasons for rolling out this feature. First, as the company explained in its blog, it’s to make it less awkward to share an account with former friends or partners. If you share your Netflix account with a friend, family member, or partner and at some point, you decide to go your separate ways, it may be a bit difficult to see their name while watching shows and movies on the platform. can be weird. For such times, the company has introduced Profile Transfer feature so that people can safely migrate to a different profile without losing Netflix history.

The second reason, of course, is to end the practice of sharing passwords.

Netflix estimates that more than 100 million users in households share their account passwords. This has resulted in loss of revenue to the company. Therefore, the company said earlier this year that it would monetize multi-household sharing later this year. In this scheme of things, Netflix’s Profile Transfer feature will serve as a precursor functionality before people share passwords to pay.

As per reports, Netflix as a part of its plans will ask users to pay an additional amount for sharing their account password. This is likely to force a lot of users to create their own separate account on the platform. In such circumstances, the newly introduced Profile Transfer feature of the company will help these users to create a new account without losing their data.

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