Netflix acquires Boss Fight Entertainment, its third game studio acquisition in the past six months


While Microsoft and Sony have been busy acquiring gaming majors like Activision and Bungie, Netflix has acquired its third game development studio in the past six months. The streaming giant has acquired Boss Fight Entertainment.

Boss Fight Entertainment is Netflix’s third game studio acquisition in just six months. It follows Next Games, which was acquired earlier this month, and Night School Studios, which was acquired in late 2021.

“Boss Fight’s mission is to bring our players a simple, beautiful and fun game experience wherever they want to play,” the founders of Boss Fight Entertainment said in a statement posted on Netflix.

Neither company disclosed the exact amount of money or the form of money being exchanged. He also did not specify how the studio would operate after the acquisition.

“Netflix’s commitment to offering ad-free games as part of a members subscription enables game developers like us to focus on creating enjoyable gameplay without worrying about monetization. We couldn’t be more excited to be joining Netflix at this early stage as we continue to do what we love doing while helping shape the future of games on Netflix together,” he said.

Netflix confirmed last July that it would enhance its mobile gaming experience to provide added value to its users. Since then the company has been working hard on its studio and acquiring third-party mobile game developers. “We’re still in the early days of creating great game experiences as part of your Netflix subscription,” said Amir Rahimi, Netflix’s VP of Game Studios. “Through partnerships with developers around the world, hiring of top talent, and acquisitions like this one, we hope to create a world-class game studio that aims to bring a variety of delightful and deeply engaging original games.” – with no ads and no in-app purchases – for the millions of our members around the world,” he said.

The company claims to see gaming as a new content category like its original movies, animations and unscripted TV categories. Any games offered by the Platform will be made available to its users at no additional cost to its customers.

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