Need For Speed ​​(NFS) 2022 Official Announcement Date Announced


The details of Need for Speed ​​(NFS) 2022 have been officially teased by the developer. The trailer of the game will be streamed today at 8.30 PM IST on the official YouTube page. This version is being launched after the Need for Speed ​​Heat title that surfaced in 2019 for Unverse.

Need for Speed ​​2022 trailer to be unveiled today

The official launch date of the game has not been announced yet, however, it is estimated to release on December 2 and can be said to be Need for Speed: Unbound, This version is expected to focus on optimization. The game may roll out for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|s, and PC.

Need for Speed’s official tweet shared the livestream link of the event. The account is also adorned with new artwork, which points to the launch of the new Need for Speed ​​title.

Notably, not much has been revealed about the game yet, however, as per previous reports, it will be heavily stylized and may feature a race with bombastic set pieces.

A Japanese retailer named Neoing shared some screenshots which have a watermark named NFS Unbound. A screenshot shows that the game will come with tuned-up vehicles with sail-shaded, anime-style drivers. Another reveals a street racing car with a star-shaped spark and a two-dimensional smoke trail left by the car.

The screenshot further reveals the details of a screenshot that reveals, “Bringing the graffiti to life in an entirely new visual style, mixing the latest street art with the most realistic cars in Need for Speed ​​history.”

Need for Speed ​​2022 trailer reveals livestream link

You can click on the link below to watch the trailer live. The trailer is expected to be 1 minute 30 seconds in length and may come with a soundtrack featuring American rapper A$AP Rocky and produced by Brodinsky, a French musician and DJ.

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