MWC 2022: Realme GT Neo 3 revealed with 150W fast charging


MWC 2022: Realme has unveiled its 150W UltraDart charging technology with its Realme GT 2 series at MWC 2022. Fast charging technology will debut with the Realme GT Neo 3 later this year. The company claims that with the new technology, the phone can be charged from zero to 50 percent in five minutes.

Realme has revealed that the new 150W UltraDart charging technology uses three different technologies: multi-boost charging pump, a temperature management algorithm and a new lithium battery.

The technology is also claimed to maintain thermal temperatures below 43°C and will retain 80 percent of battery capacity even after completing more than 1,000 charge cycles.

It touted the new UltraDart charging architecture as the world’s first to support 100-200W of charging power for smart devices. Explaining how the charging technology works, Realme said that it uses a multi-boost charging pump to increase the charging speed. The technology uses a temperature management algorithm to maintain an ideal temperature while charging. The last element in the technology is a new lithium battery, which comes with a higher level of charging current to allow for faster charging.

During its MWC 2022 presentation, it demonstrated the technology on stage. Apart from this, the company did not give any further information about the launch of Realme GT Neo 3 soon.

Realme hasn’t given details on whether 150W fast charging has been allowed by the regulators in the markets so far. It will be interesting to see how the company leverages the technology in the mass market.

Furthermore, the rumor mill is buzzing with suggestions that Realme’s sister company, OnePlus, is planning to launch 150W charging-supported phones later this year, which will be part of the upcoming OnePlus 11 series with the technology. points to.

The new 150W fast charging standard has an upper hand over the current 120W fast charging standard which we have already seen in new smartphones including Xiaomi 11i HyperCharge 5G and iQOO 9 Pro.

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