Mute disturbing group mentions notifications on WhatsApp


On WhatsApp, you are given the option to mute any personal chat or group message. On WhatsApp, you can mute a chat forever. The forever chat muting feature was launched in October last year. Even after group chat is muted, if someone mentions you, then you get a notification.

If someone is constantly mentoring you, then you continue to get notifications even after the group notifications are turned off. This is not a technical flaw in WhatsApp.

It has been made deliberately. In such a situation, if someone is repeatedly mentoring you in a group to harass you, then what will you do. There is a way to this too. By adopting this, you can also avoid any Mention Notification.

According to WABetaInfo, you can turn off such notifications. For this, here are some steps to tell you. This feature works on both Android and iOS platforms. Apart from this, WhatsApp also works on the web or Windows apps.

#First you have to mute that group. The group whose messages are bothering you. For this, you have to go to the group and click on the name of the group.

#Then below you will find the option of mute notification. You can mute it at your convenience.

#To avoid notification of any mentality in the group, you have to go to the mentor’s profile and mute it.

#For this, you have to click on his name after opening his chat. After this, you click on mute and mute it. Now even if he mentions you in a group, you will not get his notification. This is very useful at a time when you do not want to leave any group, but don’t even want to get his notifications.

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