Mozilla has announced that it will stop supporting the Firefox Password Manager sync app

Mozilla Firefox to pull the plug on its Lockwise app

Mozilla has announced that it will unlock the plugin in its Firefox Lockwise Password Manager app in December of this year. According to Mozilla’s support article, it will no longer be available for download or reinstall. Notably, the final versions of the app are 1.8.1 (iOS) and 4.0.3 (Android). Lockwise support will end on December 13, 2021

Users should also keep in mind that any bugs or issues found in the latest version of the app will not be fixed by the company. However, it will continue to work for users who have already installed it on their device.

For the unexpected, Lockbox is an experimental mobile app that was relaunched in 2018 It is used to access stored passwords and to autofill on Android, iOS and desktop devices. It was eventually adapted as a Firefox extension.

Users don’t have to worry about losing access to their saved passwords because Mozilla has a solution for that as well. According to the support article, users can continue to access passwords through native Firefox browsers on their desktop and mobile devices. Given that you are using Firefox 93 or higher. “Firefox will already sync your saved lockwise passwords for iOS. You can currently only use it within Firefox. Check back in December 2021 for updates on how to use Firefox for iOS as your system-wide password manager. ”

Earlier this month, Mozilla launched Firefox 94 for iOS devices. The update has redesigned the homepage design by adding quality of life to the web browser. According to the company, the newly-introduced features are “designed for a brief burst of online interactions that are constantly interrupted by life.”

With the new update, a new feature has been introduced that helps users go back to the last open active tab so they don’t lose what they used to do before closing the app. This makes it easier for users to find recently saved bookmarks

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