More than ZEE 500+ Tech African onboard at its digital hub in Bangalore

ZEE onboards over 500+ tech aficionados at its digital hub in Bengaluru

Leading media and entertainment powerhouse ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEE) is expanding its digital footprint by setting up a state-of-the-art technology center in Bangalore to drive innovation and significant development for its integrated platforms.

Taking strategic steps in the digital transformation journey of ZEE 4.0, the Innovation Center in Bangalore will provide 500+ experts with expertise in design, technology, data and cyber security.

The company already has on-board 120+ experts to drive this change and enhance its overall technical expertise. The products and solutions designed by the team will lead the company’s digital pivot as it continues to grow across platforms.

The innovation center in Bangalore will help build a strong team of design, technology, data and talent to seamlessly serve new age consumers in connected devices based on future tech stacks that will enable engineers and data scientists to unlock innovative technology-led solutions.

Speaking on the development, Nitin Mittal, President – Technology & Data, ZEE, said, “In order to create a great user experience across the platform, it is important to create design ideas, enhance technical skills to meet ever-evolving needs and personalize options for them. Consumer and profit data. As a digitally savvy, data-first company, the new technology center in Bangalore will create an environment that will usher in innovation. ”

“The center will focus on the development of global technology products and data solutions, focusing on coordination, innovative thinking and driving collaboration across our business. We are looking for sharp, like-minded innovators who think new, act agilely, and build with passion to join us and form the next. “

Aditi Basishtha, Head HR – Digital Platform, Technology and Chief – Employee Engagement, JDE said, “Human Capital is the most valuable asset for us at JDE and we are building JDE 4.0 teams across our digital arm to drive higher innovation. ZEE has always been a talent academy in the M&E industry, and the new technology center is designed with a unique employee value proposition focused on culture, collaboration and innovation. The technology center is ready to challenge sustainability and lead innovative solutions in the digital ecosystem. A combination of a cross-functional talent pool of individuals. “

The company’s collaborative culture will enable teams in a variety of tasks to provide further innovation in the next chapter of media and entertainment industry growth and to shape the next chapter of launch.

GED’s people-centered approach has become an integral part of evolution among all the broader global content organizations present in 190+ countries, delivering quality content to 1.3 billion viewers across multiple platforms and languages. The company’s new ZEE 4.0 version will focus on renewing existing business models, maximizing its core, expanding to adjacent spaces, and exploring new areas of business.

ZEE 4.0 is taking all the necessary steps to transform it into the preferred choice of media and entertainment for South Asians around the world.

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