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Minecraft Shader: How to download and install on PC, mobile

Minecraft Shaders: How to download and install it on PC, mobile

Minecraft is one of the most played sandbox games, but the ‘sharp block placed by the big stick’ is not the most favorite part, especially in the early stages. The shaders pack comes as a rescue tool in this regard. If you’ve just started playing Minecraft and are a little dissatisfied with the graphics, Minecraft Shadows can help tweak ‘graphic fidelity’. In this article, we’ve put together a simple guide on how to download and install Minecraft Shadows.

How to install Minecraft Shader on PC

– Open the Forge or Optify download page and download the version of Minecraft that is running on your system.

-Once downloaded, locate the file on your PC and run it. An installed window should pop up. Check if it is located in your Minecraft folder and then click ‘Install Client’.

-Open the Minecraft Launcher app and in the drop-down menu to the left of the “Play” button, select Optify to check if it’s working, and then click Play.

Before you begin the process, keep in mind that the shaders are only compatible with Minecraft: Java version, the popular version of Minecraft for PC.

How to install Minecraft Shader on mobile (Android)

Step 1- Download the shader pack for mobile phone which has MCPack at the end. Packs with “.zip” need to be removed at the end.

Step 2- Locate the downloaded shader file in your device file manager.

Step 3- Once done, long press it and select the “Open With” dialog.

Step 4- Select “Minecraft” from the App menu.

Step 5- The Minecraft app will open, just navigate to Settings and locate “Global Resources” to activate the downloaded shader under “My Packs”.

Some of the best shader packs for PC include BSL Shaders, Continuum Shaders, SEUS, KUDA Shader, to name a few. For mobile, one can test ESBE 2G Shader, Reflex PE Shader etc.

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