Minecraft 1.18 Update Experimental Snapshot 3: New Biome, Mob and more

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Minecraft 1.18 Cave and Cliff Update: Minecraft version 1.18 stable snapshot will probably be released next month. But the experimental snapshot has come out and Bedrock players can try out the new feature by installing the beta version.

The sandbox game will get a host of new bioms for the second half of the 1.18 Cave and Cliff update. However, Mazong has given a peek at the few changes that players will witness in the ‘environment’ of Minecraft. As quoted by PCGames, the experimental Snapshot 3 brings many adjustments for the upcoming terrain generation of Minecraft, for example changes in temperature more slowly. Here’s what the trackers were able to dig up in Experimental Snapshot 3.

Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Updates Experimental Snapshot 3: Features, Changes Revealed

Experimental Snapshot 3 shows a new Stony Picks biome that is a variation of the High Horn. The high peaks were announced earlier and will be added to the 1.18 stable update.

“Snow slugs and snow-covered peaks no longer keep dirt under the snow. The mountains look less dirty now, ”Majong noted in an official blog post.

Clearly, once the final update is released, Minecraft players will see Meadow (Low Layer Biome), Grove (from crushed snow blocks to spruce trees), Snow Sl (snow load, suitable place for goats), Snow Capped Picks (Packed Ice Barely affected by the source), in addition to lofty picks and snow capped picks. There will be a new blind enemy mob – Warden who will be born in the dark cave biome and will be accompanied by Skull Block.

If you want to try the latest Minecraft experimental snapshot, here is a simple guide to help you.

How to download Minecraft Experimental Snapshot 3 and try out the features

The experimental snapshots are not directly in the Minecraft launcher because they are not stable and users will need to take those extra steps to download the new one.

– First, click on this link to download the installed manually, a zip file will be downloaded once tapped.

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Tap the Start button and then type% appdata%. Press Enter to open the hidden AppData folder for the user account.

– Next, go to the .minecraft folder and then open the version folder.

-You will find a different folder inside where you need to create a new folder, then extract the downloaded ZIP file to that folder.

– Go to Minecraft Launcher and select Installation. Check that the modified option is selected and then create a new installation.

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