Microsoft’s Windows 11 gets a new feature that can sense when you’re around


Microsoft is working on many new features for Windows 11. These features have been released to some beta testers through Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23435. As part of this program, Microsoft has released a new presence sensor privacy settings and API, which allows users to manage their privacy and block/allow certain apps from accessing these sensors.

For the unversed, a lot of laptops and other devices, such as smart home devices and smart lights, come with in-built presence sensors that detect a user’s presence in order to power the system on or off. The technology is similar to face lock in mobile phones. Presence sensors primarily use facial dimensions to detect the presence of a user. When a user approaches the device, the camera reads the dimensions of the user’s face and matches it with the saved data for authorization. In laptops, presence sensors help users automatically lock the device when they are not within a certain range of the device. Now, Microsoft is giving Windows 11 users more control over these sensors.

So, if you have a laptop or PC with a compatible presence sensor, Windows 11 will now allow you to choose which apps can access the presence sensor.

Apps that have access to the presence sensor will turn themselves off when the user walks away from the system and turn themselves on when the user’s presence is detected. However, apps that do not have access to the presence sensor will not show any effect.

Insisting on privacy, Microsoft said in a blog post“No images or metadata are collected by Microsoft and all processing is done locally on the device hardware to maximize privacy.”

Once rolled out for everyone, users can find the presence sensor setting by going to Settings and scrolling down to Privacy and security and looking for presence sensing. From the menu, users can then modify settings and add or remove programs from accessing the presence sensor.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is also testing a new feature called ‘Gallery’. This new feature will make it easier for Windows 11 operating system users to access their photos. The under-testing ‘Gallery’ feature can be quickly accessed through File Explorer’s navigation panel. In addition, Microsoft has announced that it will be making significant changes to the way Windows manages which apps open specific files by default, and how users can pin programs to their Start menu on the taskbar or desktop.

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