Microsoft’s SwiftKey now lets you talk to ChatGPT on Bing


Microsoft has announced the addition of AI-powered Bing capabilities to the SwiftKey app (a third-party keyboard) on iOS and Android.

This new addition will allow users to chat with the AI ​​chatbot directly from their mobile keyboard and search for things without having to switch between apps. SwiftKey is part of the Microsoft family since 2016.

“Bing integrates in three key ways – Search, Chat and Tone. The update is available today. Once you get the update, you’ll see the Bing icon above the keyboard. From there you can click on the exact feature you want to use.” want to; chat, tone or search,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

With chat functionality, users can access the new Bing on the go for more detailed queries, while with the Tones feature, users can use AI to adapt their in-progress text to fit any situation. Can communicate more effectively.

In addition, the search functionality will let users quickly search the web from their keyboard without having to switch apps.

“These new features in SwiftKey are available in all markets where the new Bing is available; Anyone can now use Search while accessing Tones and Chat requires that you sign in to your Microsoft account that has been approved to access the new Bing preview,” the company said.

In addition, the tech giant introduced “translator functionality” in the mobile Bing app, which will offer alternate masculine and feminine translations when translating from English to Spanish, French or Italian.

This feature will allow users to choose the gender-based translation that best suits their context and is helpful for well-intentioned speakers of all proficiency levels.

The company also expanded Bing access to Skype so everyone in a group chat can now chat with the new Bing. Only one person in a group should have access to Preview.

This means that as a group you can use the new Bing from within the Skype app just like you use the new Bing on desktop; You can use it, for example, to settle an argument, help plan a group trip, or find a restaurant for all of you to meet in person, according to the company. Search.

The new Bing is now also available through the Microsoft Start app for users who have cleared the waiting list.


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