Microsoft Teams now lets you use Snapchat’s popular dog face filter


Microsoft Teams users can now play with the popular dog face filter and many more during video calls following the company’s partnership with Snap. As part of the announcement, Microsoft said that more than 20 Snapchat lenses will be available in the Teams app. You can put a cat or sloth or teddy bear on your shoulder or head, or just try to look like a dog or cat using Snapchat’s lenses.

Available as part of the Video Effects section in the Teams app, Snapchat AR Lenses don’t require you to download a separate app or add-on. The integration of Snapchat’s AR lenses is possible because of Snap’s Camera Kit SDK that Microsoft uses.

Snapchat AR Lenses will only be available to Microsoft Teams for Work users. If you’re a Personal or Educational edition user, you can’t use these AR filters. Another catch is that you need to be on the older, classic version of Microsoft Teams to be able to use Snapchat’s AR Lenses. The latest Teams client that Microsoft started previewing last month won’t support them.

It’s unclear how much Teams for Work users will use these filters, given that they’re supposed to behave professionally in their work-related video calls and these filters don’t necessarily give your videos a formal touch. Remember that viral video of a company boss turning into a potato during a team meeting? You wouldn’t want that to happen to you.

In addition to new AR filters, Microsoft Teams will soon get new animations for video backgrounds. The company said it would introduce a new dynamic background feature in May that would let users replace their background “with dynamic animation for a more immersive virtual environment”.

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