Microsoft Teams launches new feature to turn your phone into a walkie talkie


Microsoft is rolling out a new update that will allow Teams users to use their phones as walkie talkies. This function is available on separate dedicated applications on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. However, this is the first time a major communication app is providing the in-built feature.

Microsoft describes Walkie Talkie as a digital push-to-talk solution in Teams. The software giant claims that it enables clear, quick and secure voice communication over the cloud. The new facility has been designed keeping in mind the frontline workers. This feature is expected to help them communicate, collaborate and stay productive.

We haven’t received the update yet, but Microsoft may roll it out in phases for Teams users. The new walkie talkie feature has been in the preview stage for almost two years.

What are the advantages over analog devices?

The new Teams feature also has some advantages and limitations compared to the analog devices traditionally used by law enforcement and security personnel around the world. Microsoft claims that unlike analog devices, frontline workers no longer have to worry about frequency static, crosstalk, or eavesdropping from outsiders. The new walkie talkie feature works over Wi-Fi or cellular data. It can also be used to connect workers from anywhere in the geographical locations.

Microsoft has partnered with Zebra Mobile to launch devices built for this new feature. The rugged form factor of these smart devices will also fit in well with the working conditions of frontline workers. The new devices are built as individually assigned personal devices and customer-facing applications.

First appeared on BGR India after Microsoft Teams launched a new feature to turn your phone into a walkie talkie.

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