Microsoft Teams’ latest update brings avatars to the app


Tech giant Microsoft has announced that it is rolling out ‘avatars’ in public preview for its proprietary business communication platform Microsoft Teams.

“Avatars for Microsoft Teams offers a choice of existing binary options with video or no video,” the tech giant said in a blogpost on Monday.

“Avatar for Teams gives you that much needed camera break, while still allowing you to collaborate effectively.”

Users can represent themselves the way they want with customizable avatars and reactions.

The company had announced the release of the private preview in October last year and now it has rolled out some updates with the new version.

The tech giant has added a new lighting system to the new public preview version that improves performance and enhances the appearance of avatars’ skin and hair.

Also, the new version will include several new customization options, such as bindi and hearing aids, the company said.

Now, if users react using Teams emoji reactions, their avatar will mimic that reaction with their body. For example, if they use the raised hand reaction, their avatar will raise their hand as well.


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