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Microsoft quietly shuts down all Xbox One gaming consoles


Microsoft continues to release all of its Xbox One gaming consoles nearly seven years after introducing the Xbox One console. The decision has been taken to focus on the production of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S gaming consoles.

Cindy Walker, senior director of Xbox Console Product Marketing, said in a statement to The Verge, “To focus on Xbox Series X/S production, we have ceased production for all Xbox One consoles through the end of 2020. ”

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft introduced the first Xbox One gaming console in May 2013. Almost three years later, in August 2016, it released Xbox One S Gaming and a year later in November 2017, the company released Xbox One X Gaming. , An all-digital version of the Xbox One S arrived in May 2019. A year later in July 2020, Microsoft ceased production of the Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. At the time, the company said that the decision had been made to focus on the production of the company’s Xbox Series X gaming consoles. Also, the company had assured that it would continue to manufacture its Xbox One S gaming console. Now, the company has stopped production of all its Xbox One gaming consoles, including the 2016 Xbox One S gaming console.

It’s worth noting that while Microsoft has ceased production of its Xbox One gaming console, interested people will still be able to buy it from online and offline stores until stocks run out.

Interestingly, while Microsoft has stopped production of older gaming consoles, Sony plans to continue manufacturing older PS4 gaming consoles as it struggles to keep up with the demand for PS5 gaming consoles. According to a Bloomberg report, Sony had earlier planned to end production of its PS5 gaming console in 2021. But now the company is planning to make at least one million units of gaming consoles in 2022 as these gaming consoles are easy to make. , use less advanced chipsets and are a pocket-friendly alternative to the PS5 gaming console.

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