Microsoft Outlook Hack: How to Recall or Replace Sent Emails in Outlook


For many people, writing long emails is a part of their daily routine. While some may ace it, others may hate it. But the fact is that there are times when people make mistakes while writing or sending emails. Whether accidentally sending an email to the wrong person or sending the wrong email to a customer or worse, sending an incomplete email to a client or colleague, errors are common in email. Thankfully, tech companies nowadays are providing enough features to the users to help them mitigate such situations or rectify their accidental errors. The same is true for Microsoft Outlook, which enables users to recall or change sent email.

That is, this feature is not available for all users. Instead, it’s only available to Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft 365 users. Also, the recall or replace feature will only work if the recipient hasn’t opened the email.

So, if you are a Microsoft Outlook user and you want to recall or change sent email, here’s what you need to do:

How to Recall or Change Sent Emails in Microsoft Outlook

Step 1: Open Microsoft Outlook on your personal computer.

Step 2: Select the Sent Items folder.

Step 3: Select or double-click the message so that it opens in a second window.

Step 4: Now select the file and then click on Info option.

Step 5: Next, Resend the message and select Recall option

Step 6: Now tap on the Recall this message… option and then choose one of the two options.

a) Select ‘Delete unread copies of this message’ to recall the sent message.

b) Select the message ‘Delete unread copies and replace with a new one’ to replace the sent message with the new one

Step 7: Now select the ‘Tell me whether the recall succeeds or fails for each recipient’ check box.

Step 8: Select the OK option to confirm your selection.

It’s worth noting that if you select the ‘Delete unread copies and replace with a new message’ option, the original message opens for editing. When you select Send, the original email message will be removed from the recipient’s mailbox and replaced with the new edited message.

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