Microsoft Outlook email app on Mac becomes free to use


Microsoft said that Outlook for Mac is now free to use. Users can download Outlook from Apple’s App Store on their Mac computers and start using the app without needing a Microsoft 365 subscription or license key to unlock features. Outlook app is a part of Microsoft 365 subscription. Both Windows and Mac users can install the Progressive Web App to access the email client for free, but it doesn’t support the basic features that you can otherwise access using the Outlook app.

You can access your Microsoft account, including Outlook, Hotmail and Live, account with Gmail account, iCloud account, Yahoo account and any other email service provider that supports IMAP – all on a Mac for free. Microsoft redesigned the Outlook app for Mac in 2020 to keep pace with macOS changes.

Microsoft has also optimized Outlook for Mac computers using the M1 and M2 chips. There’s a new macOS widget for Calendar Schedule and native support for macOS’s Notification Center. Microsoft’s email client on Mac also supports iOS Handoff, so you can resume working between iPhone, iPad and Mac from where you left off.

Outlook for Mac will soon get a Profiles feature that lets you add email accounts to Apple’s focus options. This will help you reduce unwanted notifications at the wrong time so that you can focus on what you have set up the profile for. The app will also let you quickly glance at calendar entries using the menu bar.

Microsoft told The Verge that it will “continue to build and maintain best-in-class native apps on macOS and iOS.” This means that Microsoft is not planning to introduce Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for Outlook for Mac. “We’re rebuilding Outlook for Mac to be faster, more reliable, and the one Outlook for everyone,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

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