Microsoft is bringing Minecraft to Chromebooks: Check if you’re eligible for the update


When you think of a Chromebook, you imagine an affordable notebook capable of meeting most of your daily needs, especially if it involves a lot of reading, typing, and browsing. The device is especially useful for students and office goers who do not need to run heavy software and games. However, recently companies like Lenovo, Asus and Acer have teamed up with Google to launch ‘gaming chromebooks’ that are built to handle light gaming as well. Now, the buzz is that Chromebooks are headed towards getting an entire game on their platform. Mojang Studios has released Minecraft on Chromebooks in select countries that lets users download and play the game on their ChromeOS-powered notebooks.

However, this launch comes with several major caveats. First of all, Minecraft has released a trial version of the game for Chromebooks. The game Minecraft Trial is a free trial version of Minecraft that provides a time-limited, survival-only experience for players. The primary purpose is to obtain platform-specific data for bug fixes and technical troubleshooting.

Mojang Studios says that players will only have access to Survival Mode, and playtime has been limited to 90 minutes per world. Once the play time is up, they can play the game again by starting a new test world. Furthermore, the company says that players will not have access to other game modes such as Creative Mode. Players will also not have access to achievements, gamescore, multiplayer, servers, realms, marketplace, add-ons, or seeds.

The company has also confirmed that the trial world will not transfer to the full game and that the game, ie Minecraft Trial for Chromebook, will be available only for a limited time period. Mojang Studios says that “the Minecraft trial for Chromebook is currently the only official way to play Minecraft on Chromebook devices,” and the full version of the game isn’t available yet. Interested Chromebook users can download the Minecraft trial for Chromebook app from the Google Play Store by searching for ‘Minecraft Trial’.

It’s worth noting that while the full version of the game isn’t available on Chromebooks right now, the trial version of the game ensures that Mojang Studios gathers enough information to launch a full version of the game on Chromebooks in the future.

Minecraft availability on Chromebook

As far as availability is concerned, Mojang Studios They say that the Minecraft trial for Chromebook is available in select geographies, including – India, Australia, Brazil, UAE, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Indonesia, Korea, Kuwait, Mexico, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Turkey.

This means that if you are in the US, UK or Canada, you may not be able to access the game on your Chromebook. However, if you are living in India, you should have no difficulty in accessing the game.

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