Microsoft is adding 3 new MS Paint features to make it a better app


You may or may not be using MS Paint, but the application does exist, and it’s probably here to stay. This is because Microsoft has just introduced 3 new MS Paint features for Windows Insiders. While the features are still in beta testing, they are likely to make their way to the stable version soon.

Three new MS Paint features are being rolled out for developers, dark mode, new zoom settings and better shortcuts to quickly navigate between tools. Microsoft Windows already has a systemwide dark mode toggle, and Paint will now be one of the apps that will switch to dark mode when this toggle is used.

Who is using MS Paint now?

dark mode on ms paint

There are speculations that this app is slowly and steadily losing its user base to countless alternatives. Powerful tools like Pixlr, Paint.Net, and GIMP are attracting more and more users. However, MS Paint lives directly on your laptop/PC, which makes it more accessible.

Megan Saunders, a top Microsoft executive, wrote a blog About Paint on the official Microsoft site. This 2017 blog claims that Paint has a solid 100 million users, and is “here to stay”. Paint is also a really simple Windows tool that lets you create as well as edit images. So advanced users can switch to the alternatives, but Paint is a good choice for kids and students who are learning to draw on a Windows device.

Coming back to the new features, the dark theme looks good on Paint. There are also expert studies that claim that dark mode reduces eye strain and helps you focus better on the subject. So it’s safe to say that this is a cool feature to have for a drawing app.

ms paint new features 2

new zoom feature on ms paint

Next, Microsoft has added new zoom controls such as the precise value of the zoom, a new zoom slider, and fit-to-screen options. All of these are already available on other apps like the Microsoft Office suite. So in this case too, it’s an old MS feature rolling out to Paint now.

ms paint new features 3

new paint toolbar

Lastly, the company has updated the entire toolbar to match the style and design of Windows 11. There are new keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate the app more easily. It may be underestimated, but once you start using keyboard shortcuts, you can save a lot of time during your usage.

If you want to try out new Windows features before the stable rollout, you can sign up for the Windows Insider Program Here, However, keep in mind that these include experimental features, so you may experience more bugs and app crashes than usual.

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