Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub arrives in India: Here’s what it does


Microsoft has just launched its Microsoft for Startup Founders Hub in India. It is a platform that will support founders at every stage of their startup journey. This will give the startup access to over $300,000 (approximately Rs 2,27,21,805) in benefits such as technology and equipment from itself and its partners.

These $300,000 in profits and credits will help startups build and run their businesses, according to the company. During the launch of the initiative, the company also said that it will provide mentorship and skilling opportunities from industry experts and its Microsoft Learn platform.

The company claims to have founded the Microsoft for Startup Founders Hub after extensive research and interaction with hundreds of founders. It added that these founders asked the company to give them access to a digital ecosystem that fosters opportunities and democratizes innovation, regardless of background, location, progress or passion.

“Disruptive innovation in Indian startups is accelerating the country’s position to become one of the world’s leading startup hubs,” said Sangeeta Bavi, Director of Startup Ecosystem at Microsoft.

“We hope to learn more about how our new offering will support more founders in Asia and give them access to the technology, tools and resources they need to build and run their business,” he said.

India is currently the third largest ecosystem for startups in the world. The company believes that it has a lot of opportunities for emerging businesses across industries.

The company claims to have created Microsoft for Startups Founders for early stage startups to help reduce barriers to business creation, act as a catalyst for entrepreneurship and innovation, and contribute to easing the unicorn’s journey from one idea to another. Hub is established. The platform is open to all startups in India, including those without third-party validation or funding.

In addition to offering startup technology, the company aims to empower entrepreneurs to innovate and grow by connecting them with industry, business and technical support advisors.

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub arrives in India: Here’s why it first appeared on BGR India.

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