Microsoft Edge testing workspace that lets you share browser tabs


Microsoft has launched a public preview of a new feature called Workspaces that lets users share one or more tabs in the Edge browser using just a link. The new Microsoft Edge feature was mentioned last year, but this is the first time the company is showing how the new one will work. Just as you share multiple files from OneDrive, Workspace lets you share and even save sets of tabs using a single link.

Using workspaces, you can group as many tabs as you want on a particular topic, for example, and save them using a label. So people who do a lot of research or are creating a project on a particular issue can organize the tabs related to the topic into one label. It’s very similar to Edge’s Collections feature but it brings share options to the table. Once saved, these browser tabs can be shared with other Edge users. It is mandatory to use Edge browser to access this feature.

People you share these browser tabs with can add or edit tabs in real time. They can rename the label and change the color of the code. In a screenshot, Microsoft showed that labeled tabs sit at the top-left corner of the browser (when horizontal tabs are on). Clicking on a label will allow you to add or remove tabs. To share the tab, you need to click on the invite button available on the right side of the address bar, followed by clicking on the copy link.

For those concerned about the privacy of browser information and credentials, Microsoft assures that it will not share personal information when you use Workspaces. This means that none of your passwords, browser history, download history, collections, browser extensions and cookies will be shared with it. It will also “hide website content that only you have access to” from people with whom you have shared the workspace link.

Workspace is currently available to a limited number of users under a preview program, and Microsoft hasn’t said if or when it plans to expand it to stable users.

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