Microsoft Edge gets new features: AI image generator, cross-device sharing, and more


Microsoft has released a major update for its Edge web browser. This update brings a number of new features some of which are aimed at increasing the productivity of users, while others are focused on making the whole process of using the web browser simpler and faster. Other features like AI Image Creator, Drop and cross device sharing functionality are included in the list.

So, here are all the new features coming to Microsoft Edge:

What’s new in Microsoft Edge?

AI Image Generator

The feature is powered by OpenAI’s latest DALL∙E model and will help users ‘create images that don’t exist yet’. It can also help users find the exact images they are looking for.

how to use: Edge users can navigate to the sidebar on the right side of the browser, tap the Image Creator icon, enter the prompt, and choose an image from the available options. Once they select one that suits their needs, they can download it and add it to their document or upload it to social media.

As far as availability is concerned, Microsoft says that Image Creator is now available on desktop for Edge users around the world.

file sharing made easy

Microsoft is also getting a new Drop feature, which is essentially a place to drop off and access all the content users want to share on any of their devices. Microsoft says that with this feature, users can not only share photos with themselves from one device to another, but they can also share other file types and even notes.

how to use: To use Drop on their desktop, users simply need to click the Drop icon in the sidebar, then the plus icon, or use drag-and-drop to add their content. To open Drop on their mobile, users need to click on the overflow menu and select Drop from the menu.

Talking about the availability, Drop is available globally on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Easily edit and save web images

Microsoft has also introduced the ability to edit and save web images without additional tools or apps outside the Edge browser.

“Now instead of having to download, save, and edit in a separate app on your PC or macOS device, you can simply right click on the desired web image and adjust crop, lighting, and color, all without leaving your browser window and Filters can be added. . From there, you can save the edited image for later use,” Microsoft explained in a blog post.

Efficiency Mode Updated

Microsoft says it has also updated the efficiency mode in Edge. One of the updates is that when the laptop you’re working on detects that its battery is running low, efficiency mode kicks in, powering off when you’re not interacting with the browser. Enables the saving features. The update also gives users more options on how they want to save battery life.

In addition, the updated Efficiency Mode helps users save power when plugged in through the Balanced setting. Users who want to save maximum energy can enable the maximum saving setting for the same. However, Microsoft cautions that this may affect browser performance.

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