Microsoft announces new Project Volterra device powered by Snapdragon


Microsoft announced Project Volterra at Microsoft Build 2022. The tech giant has also announced support for the open hardware ecosystem. This new ecosystem will enable Windows to use more options in the processor area, giving it the ability to support a range of specialized capabilities.

Project Volterra

Microsoft announced Project Voltera, a new device powered by the Snapdragon Compute Platform. With Project Volterra, users will be able to explore multiple AI scenarios through the new Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK for Windows Toolkit, announced today by Qualcomm Technologies.

During the event, Microsoft also announced that the company would provide support for Neural Processing Units (NPUs). These are the chipsets that will be used in addition to the CPU and GPU. The chip’s primary goal is to provide more efficient AI capability without putting strain on the GPU or CPU as well as reducing overall power usage throughout the setup.

Microsoft claims it is building towards a vision for the world of Intelligent Hybrid Computing, bringing together Local Compute on CPUs, GPUs and NPUs and Cloud Compute with Azure. Microsoft claims that in the future, computing workloads between the client and the cloud will be as dynamic and seamless as moving between Wi-Fi and cellular on your phone today.

AI would require enormous levels of processing power beyond the capabilities of traditional CPUs and GPUs alone. But new silicon-like neural processing units (NPUs) will add expanded capacity for major AI workloads.

Microsoft believes that NPUs will not be built into all computing devices in the future. According to the company, they will make it easier for developers to take advantage of these new capabilities, by providing end-to-end support for NPUs in the Windows platform.

To ensure ease of use for Microsoft’s shared customers, the brand is also announcing Comprehensive end-to-end arm-native toolchain For Arm native apps, including:

• Full Visual Studio 2022 and VSCode
• Visual C++
• Modern .NET 6 and Java
• Classic .NET Framework
• Windows Terminal
• WSL and WSA to run Linux and Android apps

Microsoft has announced that developers will see the first previews of several of these tools, including VS 2022, over the next few weeks.

First appeared on BGR India after Microsoft announced the new Project Voltera device powered by Snapdragon.

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