Microsoft allows Windows 365 to stream Windows 11 on iOS, Android devices, but not for everyone.

Microsoft Windows 365 to let stream Windows 11 on iOS, Android devices, but it's not for everyone

Microsoft announced Windows 365 at its Inspire Partners Conference on Wednesday. As the epidemic forced people to work remotely, Microsoft launched cloud services to help businesses increase productivity on the scene while sitting at home. The new Windows 365 Cloud PCs, commonly used for business, will allow access from anywhere and will stream Windows 10 or Windows 11.

As mentioned, Windows 365 will be available for business from August 2, with a monthly subscription cost per user. Windows 365 will come in two versions- Business and Enterprise. It is built on top of the Azure virtual desktop and the service is for businesses of all sizes. As mentioned by The Verge, the standalone cloud PCs can be configured with a single CPU, 2GB RAM and low-end 64GB storage and eight CPUs, 32GB RAM and 512GB storage. Windows 365 has a total of 12 different configurations for both business and enterprise.

“Just as National Sausage was brought to the cloud, so now we’re bringing the operating system to the cloud, giving companies a more flexible and secure way to empower their employees, regardless of location, regardless of location,” said Satya Nadela, of Microsoft. Chairman and CEO at the company’s ‘Inspire 2021’ event.

“Cloud PC is an exciting, new division of hybrid personal computing that transforms any device into a personalized, productive and secure digital workspace,” said Jared Spataro, Microsoft 365’s corporate vice president.

Microsoft has been providing similar technology to Azure Virtual Desktop for decades, with the latest approach to make it easier to set up and manage.

“Windows 365 provides an instant boot experience. Wangui McClave, general manager of Microsoft 355, was quoted as saying that the status of your cloud PC remains the same when you switch devices, you can get right there. This means that employees will be able to stream their Windows sessions from the same apps, tools, data and ‘across settings’ from Android devices, Macs, iPads, etc.

“Instant boot on their personal cloud PC allows users to stream all their applications, tools, data and settings from the cloud to any device. Windows 365 provides a complete PC experience in the cloud. Cloud processing provides versatility in energy and storage, enabling it to scale or down IT based on their needs. Either Windows 10 or Windows 11 is a choice, “the company noted.

As mentioned earlier, Windows 365 is not for customers, but for small, medium and large businesses. It will be available from August 2, although Microsoft has not yet announced the price for this service.

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