Microsoft adds ‘Detach from Edge’ option for better multitasking in Edge


Microsoft has introduced a new option called ‘Detach from Edge’ in its Edge browser, which will allow users to detach the side panel from the main Edge window for increased flexibility and multitasking.

According to Geekermag, the Edge sidebar is a built-in panel on the right side of the browser that houses a variety of features, shortcuts, and websites for quick access.

The option is available in Microsoft Edge Canary version 114.0.1789.0.

The report states that despite Edge’s ability to hide the sidebar, the new ‘Detach from Edge’ option provides an additional level of customization by enabling users to pin the sidebar to the right side of their desktop, making navigation easier. goes.

With the ‘Detach from Edge’ feature, users can customize their workspace and increase productivity by optimizing their browsing experience.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced that its OpenAI’s DALL-E-powered AI image generator is now available on Edge for desktop users around the world.

The company introduced this feature in the new Bing and Edge preview last month.

Image Creator allows users to create an image using only their words, describing the picture they want to see.

The company said that this feature will help you create images that don’t exist yet, right from the Microsoft Edge sidebar.


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