Micromax in 2B Review: What is the best smartphone under Rs 10,000 right now?

Micromax In 2b review: Is this the best smartphone under Rs 10,000 right now?

Micromax re-entered the Indian smartphone market last year when the whole country was going against Chinese smartphone companies in the face of India-China confrontation in the Galwan Valley. Indian smartphone makers are taking advantage of the launch of some new budget devices, such as the Micromax in Note 1, In1 and In1B. Micromax followed the In1B smartphone last month, dubbed the Micromax In2B, and is definitely preferred by others, including the Redmi 9, Realm C21Y, Samsung Galaxy F02.

The Micromax In2B was launched at a starting price of Rs 7,999 but the company has now increased the price by Rs 500. The smartphone is currently priced at Rs 8,499 for the base model with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. I’m using a top-end model of the Micromax in 2b that will match 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. This version of the smartphone comes priced at Rs 9,499.

I have been using Micromax 2b for two weeks. The phone looks quite attractive for the price charged. The Micromax In2B not only looks good but also offers a powerful set of specifications. One of the main highlights of this budget device is the clean and clutter free user interface. In fact, in my opinion, the Micromax In2B is one of the best smartphones available at a price of Rs 10,000 if the clean user experience is what you are looking for.

Micromax in 2B design and build

Most of the smartphones below Rs 10,000 are disappointing in the design category, but not so in the case of Micromax In2. The smartphone looks pretty good for the price to come. It is offered in three color options including black, green and blue. The model shown in the review is the blue color option.

In terms of design, the Micromax In2B takes inspiration from the Redmi 9 Power, which was launched in India earlier this year. Matte finish design on the back panel that sets the smartphone apart from the crowd. The Micromax design at 2b looks clean and classic despite being packed with plastic back panels.

On the front, the smartphone has a thin bezel on the side with a waterproof notch and chin. While on the rear panel, the Micromax 2B comes with a dual rear camera system with a round fingerprint sensor, which is quite fast for unlocking the phone. I have used Face Unlock in most cases to unlock the screen in the blink of an eye.

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The Micromax in 2b is also a comfortable smartphone to use all day. The phone is very well balanced and doesn’t feel too heavy in the hand even though it has a 5000mAh battery inside.

Another good thing about Micromax on 2b smartphones is the build quality. Despite packing an affordable tag, it’s nice to see that Indian smartphone makers don’t compromise with build. The Micromax at 2b offers a plastic back panel and frames, but it doesn’t find it weak or cheap at any time.

Micromax in 2B display

Although the design and build are some areas that get Micromax right in 2b, the display is where the phone goes backwards. The smartphone is packed with a 6.52-inch HD + display, which becomes quite bright in indoor situations but not too much in outdoor situations.

Most phones in this price segment do not offer great display experience and I have the same thing about Micromax in 2B. Indoors, a 60-70 percent brightness level seems adequate, but even outdoor conditions 100 percent brightness doesn’t seem quite good.

I used Micromax on 2b to watch a lot of videos and also played some basic games, when they were running without any delay but the viewing experience was not so good. The YouTube videos and visuals of Temple Run 2 looked dull even at the highest brightness level.

Micromax in 2B, Micromax in 2B Review, Micromax in 2B Specs, Micromax in 2B Price

Micromax on 2b camera

In addition to the display, the camera is another category where the Micromax in 2B could have been better in my opinion. According to the specification, the Micromax In2B rear panel features a 13-megapixel + 2-megapixel camera system and the front has a 5-megapixel image sensor for selfies and video calls.

Photos clicked in good illumination with 2B in Micromax looked decent but most of the time details were missed. In fact, in most cases, the colors were washed out as well. The Micromax In2B also struggled to click good, detailed pictures in ultra-wide and portrait mode. You can check out some of the camera samples shot with the smartphone below.

Bokeh shots with this budget phone look blurry with blurry edges. I want the Micromax 2B to give more sharpness to photos. Even in low light, the Micromax In2B struggled to click a good shot. Most of the pictures captured in limited light become granular and also miss the details.

Micromax at 2b//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Another problem I encountered with Micromax 2b is the focus. The primary shooter takes quite a while to focus on this topic, so you must have some patience to take good pictures with this device. And if you’re someone like me, who doesn’t have too much patience, you’ll click blurry shots.

The Micromax In2B has also struggled to take decent selfies with the front shooter. So, if you are looking for a budget smartphone with a good camera under the price tag of Rs 10,000, there are other options available in the market like Redmi 9 Power.

Micromax in 2B, Micromax in 2B Review, Micromax in 2B Specs, Micromax in 2B Price

Micromax in 2B Performance and Software

Interestingly, the Micromax In2B is the first and only smartphone powered by the Unisco T610 chipset. The budget smartphone comes in two variants with 6GB RAM + 64GB internal storage and 4GB RAM + 64GB storage. I’m using the top-end model of the In2B and within my 2 weeks of using the phone, it mostly runs smoothly, which makes it very impressive for the price it comes with.

I used the Micromax in 2B as my primary device, which meant lots of social media browsing, sending and receiving emails and messages, video and voice calling and watching videos and movies. It is impressive that Micromax In 2B was able to handle all this with air. At no point did I fall behind the phone and stutter. However, the phone occasionally warms up, but it cools down in a few minutes, so it doesn’t bother you too much.

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If you’re like me who uses his phone primarily for work purposes and some personal video calling, social media browsing, reading and watching movies and web series, the Micromax in 2B won’t disappoint, especially at the tempting price point. But, if you are an interested gamer, any smartphone at this price point can be a contract breaker and Micromax in 2B.

Although the budget smartphone delivers an impressive performance, what has caught my attention is the clean software. The Micromax In2B offers a stock Android experience, which is rare to find at this price point. The smartphone is not pre-installed with third-party applications and only comes with a few selected Google apps, which I am sure will not be a problem to keep them on your smartphone.

Overall, considered in terms of performance and user experience, the Micromax In2B is one of the best prices.

Micromax on 2b battery

One of the best things about the Micromax In2B smartphone is the battery. The device is supported for a fairly slow 10W charger in the box with a 5000 mAh battery. The smartphone was able to survive about 2 days of such heavy use, which is great to find in this price category.

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Although the battery is durable, the downside is the slow charging support. It takes about 150 minutes to fully charge the phone with the 2b Micromax in-box charger.

Several phones in the price segment like Redmi Power Power, Samsung Galaxy F02 support relatively fast charging. So, if Micromax included at least 15W fast charging support buy-out-of-the-box I would have preferred.

Micromax In 2B Review: What Should You Buy?

Should you buy this phone? The Micromax In2B is definitely one of the best smartphones available in India right now at a price of Rs 10,000. The smartphone offers a compact design and great build quality compared to the competition available in the price segment with its predecessor.

While the Micromax In2B offers an impressive performance, clean and fast user experience and long battery life, there are some areas for improvement. One of the few areas I think the Micromax in 2B could have been better is the display. The phone provides a dull multimedia experience and the viewing angles aren’t even up to the mark.

Micromax in 2B, Micromax in 2B Review, Micromax in 2B Specs, Micromax in 2B Price

Another area that could be better is the camera. Micromax 2b is very good, can lick detailed photos, whether in good light or low light. Selfies clicked on a budget phone also have a chance to improve.

Overall, if you are looking for a smartphone under Rs 10,000 and can handle the basic tasks well every day, then Micromax In2B is one of the best options to consider right now. But, if you are a gaming enthusiast, movie buff or photographer, there are better options available at the same price, like Redmi Prime Prime or Samsung Galaxy F02.

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