Meta’s new feature will let you control your Facebook, Instagram accounts from one place


Mark Zuckerberg has long supported interoperability across Meta’s platforms, which include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. the new York Times Back It was first reported in 2019 that Facebook’s founder intended to bring end-to-end encryption to all its platforms and promote interoperability between them. Over the years, the company has introduced several features that are the same across platforms and enable cross-platform sharing. The list includes features such as 24-hour disappearing images and videos or status updates, end-to-end encryption in messaging features, and the ability to share a post on Instagram or a status update from WhatsApp on Facebook. Now Meta has taken another step in this direction by introducing Account Center.

The Account Center, as described, is a place for users to manage all of their connected experiences across their Facebook, Instagram, and Meta accounts. “Things like personal details, passwords and security, and advertising preferences will now live in one centralized place, so it will be easier for people who use multiple apps to manage their settings,” Meta said. wrote in a blog post.

“In addition to bringing ad preferences to the Account Center, we’re also improving some ad setting controls that can help people understand and manage their ads experience across our technologies,” the company said. As part of these changes, Meta is updating its ‘Data about your activity from partners’ controls. This section is now called ‘Activity Information from Advertising Partners’ and will help users understand how their activity sent from other websites and apps is used to power the ads they see Is.

Meta is also making it easier for its users to understand their options when it comes to viewing ads that Meta shows on other apps and websites. Additionally, the company is looking for new ways to give its users the ability to see more ads that interest them.

It is noteworthy that while Meta has announced account centerThe company has also clarified that this facility is optional to use and all its users can keep their accounts in different account centres.

Settings on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger that can be controlled from the Account Center

  • Personal details: Users will be able to update their contact information, manage their identity verification and/or adjust their memorization preferences, delete or deactivate their account.

  • Passwords & Security: Users will be able to manage their passwords, two-factor authentication, login alerts, login activity, and where they are logged in.

  • Their information and permissions: Users will be able to adjust how they upload contacts, manage their search history and browser or cookies preferences.

— Ad preferences: Users will also be able to adjust their preferences for the ad topics they see, the advertisers they’ve recently seen, and their ad settings. They will also be able to view their recent advertising activity.

  • Payment: Finally, users will be able to manage settings for paying for ads and/or Meta Pay.

Settings on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger won’t move to Account Center

The list includes:

  • Preferences that are specific to a particular app.

  • Device settings for a specific app.

— Who can see and interact with users and their posts in that specific app.

Off-Facebook activity.

Account Center Availability

As far as availability is concerned, Meta said these changes will begin taking effect today and will gradually roll out to everyone across Facebook, Messenger and Instagram over the coming months.

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