Meta Quest now lets users tap, swipe in VR without controllers


Meta announced that it is introducing a new experimental feature “Direct Touch” with the latest “V50” update to Meta Quest, which will allow users to tap and swipe across virtual reality (VR) interfaces without controllers.

With the new feature, users can now tap buttons with their index fingers to adjust settings or select a game from their library, quickly typing messages on a virtual keyboard, the company said in a blogpost on Tuesday. can and can do much more.

The Direct Touch feature is a major improvement over the company’s hand-tracking technology, offering a more intuitive and engaging way to interact with the system and the 2D panel in general.

The company also introduced a new “Gesture for hands-based locomotion,” which you can try out in the latest version of First Hands.

“We’re adding in-game multitasking, so you can use 2D apps like the Meta Quest browser without closing the game you’re playing,” it said.

With the V50 update, the company also reduced the “time it takes to start tracking on Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers”.

Last month, Meta improved its Quest’s hand tracking technology with the v2.1 update and made it the default for Quest applications.


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