Meta introduces legs for its avatars that can now be used on WhatsApp, Instagram


At last night’s Meta Connect 2022 event, the company announced new updates to its avatars, including introducing Legs. With this feature, Meta wants to give users a full-body experience. The company will initially move to Meta Horizon Worlds. They will then be rolled out to developers next year.

Meta introduces ‘legs’ for avatars

According to Meta’s official statement, “We want you to be able to embody your communities with full body experiences. Legs have been one of the most requested features on our roadmap, and it remains an important area of ​​our focus.” Used to be.” On Twitter Meta tweeted, “Legs”.

Along with the feet, Meta has also introduced a slew of new facial expressions and reactions for avatars that will make it easier to tell what a user is feeling. Users will also get more options for body type and skin type for avatar.

Additionally, the company has also launched a software development kit that will let users use meta avatars in third-party virtual reality experiences and more apps. Meta will also allow users to use their avatar in Zoom meetings. Starting in 2023, the facility is called Mission Zoom. With this feature, users can choose not to use their camera and use their avatar instead.

You will also be able to use these avatars in video calls on WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram. According to the company, “Avatars will reflect their speakers’ expressions and movements during conversations—creating a middle ground between on-camera and off-camera experiences.”

In addition, Meta has announced that users will now be able to create their own avatar by taking selfies from their mobile cameras. That way, they don’t have to waste time building it from scratch, instead, they can use this time to finalize their avatars.

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