MediaTek Vibration will also power 1300 official chipsets, high-end tablets with 5G

MediaTek Kompanio 1300T SoC will power high-end tablets with 5G

There were rumors that a new MediaTek high-end chipset was coming to the market for tablets and now, the screen is off. The new chip does not belong to the Dimension series of chips for smartphones, but instead was powered by tablets only as part of the Companies series of chips. It is also called the Vibration 1300 and it is meant to get high-end tablets, the variants of which will be launched in the third quarter of 2021.

The Vibration 1300 chip is built on TSMC’s 6 nm process technology. Like the Dimension 1200, the company also received 78 CPU cores in the 1300 octa-core ARM Cortex and 55 cores in the power-efficient ARM Cortex. For graphics, the performance is taken care of by a nine-core ARM Mali-G77 MC9 GPU that promises high frame rates for smooth gaming.

The company also features 1300T and specs

“The company has also incorporated MediaTek’s APU (AI Processing Unit) to provide powerful, energy-efficient AI computing power for the latest 1300 voice and visual applications,” said MediaTek.

The 1300 also supports 5G elevator mode and 5G HSR mode enhancements, as well as MediaTek’s 5G sub-6GHz band, 5G-2CA as well as a full set of dual 5G SIMs. “MediaTek has an affordable 5G UltraSave power enhancement that allows the chip to automatically adjust power consumption and other configurations based on the device’s network and data transmission quality to extend battery life.”

On the multimedia side, Vibration also supports 1300 multi-view HDR 10+, AI-PK (image quality) technology and MediaTek’s chip-level eye protection engine with two full HD displays, as well as dual-monitor support to filter blue light. In addition to the integration of intelligent dynamic frame rate technology and support for HDR 10+ video playback, the chip supports 2.5K displays with refresh rates up to 120Hz.

The chip also comes with a 108MP camera for superior photography, video recording and live streaming capabilities, 4K 60fps video encoding and decoding, chip-level stunning 4K HDR video recording, multi-depth smart focus and AI-clear streaming.

The chip supports stagnant 4K HDR video recording technology and integrates the latest imaging, encoding, decoding and playback features for 4K video capabilities. Gamers will benefit from MediaTek’s HyperEngine 3.0 and gaming optimization for network, control, performance, power efficiency, and image quality.

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