Man ordered an iPhone, got chocolates and toilet paper delivered: Safety tips to keep in mind while shopping online


This isn’t the first time that something like this has happened. In a recent incident, a person ordered the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max for around Rs 1 lakh, but got Dairy Milk Oreo chocolate and toilet paper instead. It’s just crazy, isn’t it?

Daniel Carroll was pursuing his order, which was delayed by two weeks, and eventually went to DHL Warehouse in West Yorkshire to pick up the parcel. While she received the order, Carol was shocked when she opened it. Instead of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the package included two 120g Dairy Milk Oreo chocolates and some toilet paper.

Soon, Carroll took to Twitter to highlight the incident and posted, “After a long weekend of a brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max getting stuck in the @DHLParcelUK network, no delivery dates Friday-Sunday. After thwarting the attempt, I picked up the parcel from DHL yesterday. The leads and the new phone (the Christmas gift) were replaced with it to detect tampering with the package. ,

In a follow-up tweet, Carroll highlighted that the phone was ordered through Apple’s official website on December 2. At the time of placing the order, the first delivery date was shown as December 17th.

Speaking to Mirror UK, Carroll said: “Last Friday the day it was supposed to be delivered, I had several conflicting updates from DHL. First, it said ‘out for delivery’ then ‘delayed’ Scanned as in, then back ‘out for delivery between 13:45-14:45’. I stayed all day and nothing came. I went on tracking and chose the parcel to be collected from their depot, And it advised that it would be available for collection on Saturday. On Monday I drove 24 miles to pick up the parcel. When I got home I could tell the box had been tampered with because the tape was loose enough, But because I was feeling some weight, I opened it. Inside was a roll of cheap industrial toilet, which smelled bad and had twice of Dairy Milk Oreo.

He further added, “On Friday when the parcel was with the driver, the tracking update was not what you usually see. Then the parcel went from Friday morning to Monday morning without a tracking point. I work for a logistics company and there is no reason for DHL to know that the parcel should not be tracked as received back at the depot during that time unless it is done manually outside of its normal process is done. I called DHL but there is no option to talk to anyone, just an automatic tracking update. I submitted an inquiry on Monday to their contact page, which was never answered. I DMed him on Tuesday, to which no response came. Via LinkedIn, I managed to get the attention of a customer service manager, who advised that they investigate CCTV.

Carol has not yet received the iPhone 13 Pro Max, but DHL officials are said to be in touch with her. Commenting on the matter, a DHL spokesperson said, “We are investigating the matter as a priority and we are in contact with the sender to ensure that Mr. Carroll finds a replacement.”

It was an unfortunate incident, and you can also be a victim of such online scams. So, if you are an avid online buyer, here are some safety guidelines that you should keep in mind.

-Always verify the authenticity of the website from which you are placing the order.
-On any third-party e-commerce website, be sure to verify the reseller.
– Always order from a trusted retailer.
-Check customer reviews before ordering.
On ordering expensive items, keep them on Cash-on-Delivery (COD).

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