‘Make in India’ smartphone share reaches 16 per cent with 44 million units; Oppo took the lead


According to a new report, ‘Make in India’ smartphone shipments grew 16 percent year-on-year to reach 44 million units in the first quarter of this financial year, meeting the criteria for the Performance Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme. . ,

Counterpoint Research said that with several PLI schemes the Indian government is showing a positive impact and “we have seen an increase in local manufacturing share in product segments such as smartwatches, TWS, neckbands and tablets”.

Oppo led the ‘Make in India’ smartphone shipments with a 24 per cent share, followed by Samsung and Vivo.

Lava led the feature phone shipments with a 21 percent share.

Oppo recently announced the Vihaan initiative that plans to invest $60 million over the next five years to empower the local supply chain. Samsung has expanded its manufacturing base with premium segment smartphones, especially the Galaxy S series. has also been extended.

In the smartphone segment, in-house manufacturing contributed about 66 per cent of the total ‘Make in India’ shipments in the June quarter, while the remaining 34 per cent of shipments came from third-party EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) players.

Among third party EMS players, India FIH, Dixon and DBG were the major players during the quarter.

Padget Electronics (396 percent YoY), Wistron (137 percent YoY) and Lava (110 percent YoY) were the fastest-growing smartphone makers during the quarter in terms of shipments.

“In addition, we may see distribution of PLI incentives during Q3 2022, which will further boost local manufacturing sentiments,” the report said.

Optimus leads the Made in India shipments for smartwatches with over 75 per cent share.

In the wearables segment, TWS contributed 16 per cent in terms of domestic manufacturing, followed by neckbands and smartwatches.

In TWS, Optiemus, Bharat FIH and Padget are the top three manufacturers.

In the neckband category, VVDN and Mivi account for 90 per cent of the ‘Make in India’ shipments.

In the tablet category, Wingtech, Samsung and Dixon are the top players, while in the TV category, Dixon, Radiant, Samsung and LG account for 50 per cent.

“The government aims to make India an electronics manufacturing hub in the next four to five years. To help drive more initiatives under the themes of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’, the government, in its last budget, increased the total allocation to $936.2 million,” said research analyst Priya Joseph.


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