Madhav Sheth says Realme will equip all smartphones above 15K with 5G technology


BGR India today hosted the second edition of its annual technical awards – the BGR Tech Excellence Awards 2021. At the event, Realme India CEO Madhav Sheth talked about the roadmap for rolling out 5G smartphones in India. He added that Realme plans to include 5G technology in all mid-budget and premium smartphones it will launch in India.

“Realme aims to be the 5G leader and democratizer in India and hence we will make all smartphones above Rs 15,000 equipped with 5G. This is the first thing that we are going to do,” Sheth said during a panel discussion on the future of 5G, adding that his aim was to take 5G smartphones “to the masses and not just to the classrooms”.

Apart from talking about the roadmap for the roll out of 5G smartphones in India, the CEO of Realme India also shared how the company plans to democratize 5G phones in India. He added that Realme is actively working with chipset makers to ensure that its smartphones get 5G connectivity.

Sheth said at the event, “Currently 90% of Realme’s R&D resources are diverted to 5G technology and product development and we are actively working with chipset manufacturers to ensure that our smartphone Be equipped with the latest 5G processor.

“We have set up around seven 5G R&D centers, including one in India,” he added.

During the panel discussion, Sheth also touched on the importance of 5G technology in the IoT ecosystem. He said that Realme’s AIoT devices were connected through his smartphone. And so pairing its AIoT devices with 5G-ready smartphones was deemed to bring about “some serious changes to the status quo”. He added that 5G will add to the overall user experience and enable a seamless connection between devices, which in this case refers to smartphones and AIoT devices. “Without 5G connectivity, it would be really difficult to build this ecosystem,” he said.

The Realme post to equip all smartphones above 15K with 5G technology, says Madhav Sheth, first appeared on BGR India.

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