macOS Ventura Comes to Macs, MacBooks, iMac Computers: Check Out Its Top Features


Apple has released MacOS 13 as MacOS Ventura for all eligible Apple laptops, personal computers and all (AiOs). The new iteration of macOS brings improvements to Spotlight, Safari, Stage Manager, and Passkey. It also brings new features like Continuity Camera, Handoff in FaceTime and updates to Messages app, Mail app and Photos app among other things.

In addition to all this, macOS Ventura also brings advanced security features to supported Apple devices. Apple says that “MacOS security is even stronger and makes Macs more resistant to attack with new tools like Rapid Security Response, which works between general updates to keep security more easily up to date.”

As the MacOS Ventura update arrives on Macs, iMacs and MacBooks laptops, here’s your detailed guide to Apple’s latest PC operating system:

Apple Devices That Support MacOS Ventura

Here are all Apple devices that are eligible to receive the macOS Ventura update:

— iMac computers released in 2017 and later
— iMac Pro computers released in 2017 and later
— MacBook Air laptops released in 2018 and later
— MacBook Pro laptops released in 2017 and later
— Released on MacPro 2019 and later
– Released in Mac Studio 2022
– Mac mini released in 2018 and later
– MacBook released in 2017

How to Download MacOS Ventura to Your Apple Device

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can download MacOS Ventura on your supported Apple device:

Step 1: Select System Settings from the Apple menu in the corner of your screen.
Step 2: Now click on General option in the sidebar.
Step 3: Under General Settings, click on Software Update option on the right side of the dialog box.
Step 4: Alternatively, you can choose System Preferences and then click on Software Update option.
Step 5: If Software Update finds new software, click on the Update Now or Upgrade Now button to install it.
Step 6: Enter your administrator password.

After that the installation process will start. You may be asked to restart your device to complete the installation process.

macOS Ventura Top Features

Here are all the top macOS Ventura features you should know about:

– Continuity Camera: In short, Continuity Camera enables users to use their iPhone’s rear cameras as Mac or MacBook’s webcam. Apple says that when an iPhone is nearby, the Mac can automatically detect and use the camera on the iPhone as a webcam. This feature works through both wired and wireless connections. Continuity Camera also brings features like Center Stage, Portrait Mode, and the new Studio Light to all Mac computers.

– Handoff comes to FaceTime: This will enable Mac users to initiate a FaceTime call on one Apple device and seamlessly transfer the call to another Apple device. Apple explained in a blog post that a user can initiate a FaceTime call on their iPhone or iPad and move the call to their Mac when they return to their home or office. They can even initiate a call on their Mac and transfer it to their iPhone or iPad when they’re on the go.

– Stage Manager: This feature organizes apps and windows so that users can focus on work. When Mac users enable Stage Manager from Control Center, the current window they’re working in is prominently displayed in the center, while other windows appear on the left so they can switch between tasks seamlessly . Users can also create groups of windows or apps while working on specific tasks or projects. Additionally, Stage Manager also works with macOS windowing tools, including Mission Control and Space.

– Passkeys come in Safari: With this feature users create a passkey, which is a unique digital key used in place of a password, Users can sign in securely using Touch ID or Face ID for biometric verification. Passkeys are securely synced using iCloud Keychain with end-to-end encryption so that they are available across Apple devices, including Macs, iPhones, and iPads. Passkeys also work in apps and on the web, and users can also sign into websites or apps on non-Apple devices using their iPhone.

– Schedule email in Mail: Apple says the update to Mail enables users to schedule messages, cancel the delivery of a message before it reaches the recipient’s inbox. Users can also add rich links for better content preview. Additionally, Apple said Mail can also detect whether items such as attachments or cc’d recipients are missing and remind the sender to add them. Users can also set reminders to come back to a message later and receive automated suggestions to follow up on email while they’re waiting for a response.

– Smart Messages: Users will be able to edit or undo a recently sent message, recover accidentally deleted messages, or even mark a message as unread if they don’t want to respond at the moment. are unable to.

– iCloud Shared Photo Library: This feature will enable users to create and share a separate photo library among up to six family members. Apple says users will receive intelligent suggestions for sharing photo moments involving participants in the library and any others they choose. The user can also add, delete, edit or favorite shared photos and videos, which will appear in each user’s memories and featured photos.

– Smart Spotlight: Users can use Spotlight to search for images in their photo library, on the web, and in apps like Messages and Notes across the system. They can also search their photos by location, people, scenes or objects, and Live Text lets them search by text inside images. Spotlight also includes rich results for categories for actors, movies, actors, TV shows, businesses, and sports.

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