Looking at the Magdart charger in real life, it seems that Apple iPhone 12 users will not be surprised

Realme MagDart charger leaks with Apple inspired design

Apple set new design trends last year with its iPhone 12 series and related accessories, and we’re already seeing someone else copy homework. Oppo’s latest Renault 6 5G is no different from the iPhone 12 in terms of distance, and this can be said for a few honors as well as for China’s Vivo phones. Realm probably copied the Smart Magsaf bit for its own future devices. Meet Magdart in Realm.

If the name doesn’t make it clear, leaked renders will. Two wireless chargers are coming from Realm, one of which is similar to the Magsaf charger. It’s called Magdart and it’s called Slimmer from Apple’s version. It will also be able to output one 15W for supported smartphones.

Realm Magdart chargers leaked

The Leakage Don’t stop here from Gizmochina. There is also a vanity box-like wireless charger that supports fast wireless charging. It probably has a USB-C port for connecting to the fast charging adapter. The bulk is masked with an air vent, most likely in the region of speed 65W.

What remains to be seen is when Realm plans to bring a supported smartphone to run these accessories. The Realm GT Master Edition and GT Master Explorer Edition launched today do not have wireless charging. So, it looks like Realm’s next premium offer is to take advantage of these Magdart chargers with wireless charging debt with magnetic attachments.

That said, Realm used to sell 10W Kiwi wireless chargers a few years ago. This time there was speculation that Realm might soon launch a phone that supports wireless charging. This never happened and finally Realm removed that wireless charger from the shelf.

At the moment, Realme sells the X7 Max 5G as the most expensive offer in the country. The X7 Max relies on Dimension 1200 chipsets and incidentally that chip is the most affordable phone to sell in India. The company, however, plans to bring the more expensive Realm GT to the country next month. Realm uses the GT two-of-a-line Snapdragon 888 chip and has premium build quality.

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