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LinkedIn shuts down 50 percent of ‘Apple Staff’ accounts: Here’s why


Professional networking platform LinkedIn’s renewed effort to remove bots from the platform has resulted in an overnight reduction of 50 percent of accounts pretending to be Apple employees, media reports said.

According to AppleInsiderFraudulent behavior was on the rise, with fake accounts claiming to be members of groups they were not.

These accounts used profile details and images that were edited or forged and taken from real employees.

A research revealed that the problem of fake accounts and bots is so widespread that large firms have reported that their workforce has been significantly reduced. For example, in just one day, Apple’s LinkedIn account count dropped from 576,562 to 284,991.

The report said that the company only made a statement in response to questions, indicating that it was continuously working to keep the platform free of fake accounts.

Meanwhile, recently, the platform launched a new Instagram channel to help young Indians navigate the changing world of work, more than two years after the pandemic.

The campaign invited young professionals to create content with LinkedIn on the professional topics they care about most.

LinkedIn said participants were flexi-working, work-life balance, purpose-driven values, and social impact responsibilities.


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