LinkedIn: How to identify fake profiles on the platform


LinkedIn has introduced new features to allow users to find fake profiles and remove them from the platform. In a blogpost, Oscar Rodriguez, LinkedIn’s vice president of product management, said, “We’re rolling out new features and systems to help you make more informed decisions about the members you’re interacting with and We are enhancing our automated systems that keep inauthentic profiles and activity off our platform.”

How to spot a fake LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn has introduced a new “About this Profile” feature that will show details including when it was created and when it was last updated, whether the phone number/email ID associated with the profile is verified. The feature will appear on each LinkedIn member’s profile page and will begin rolling out to other sections this week, including invitations and viewing messages.

According to the statement, “For work email, we plan to start with a limited number of companies, but you can expect to see this expansion as we add additional companies over time.”

LinkedIn further revealed that many users use AI-based synthetic image creation technology, however, when a user uploads their profile photo, the platform’s deep-learning-based model checks such images. LinkedIn says that this way it can remove fake accounts before they have a chance to reach others on the platform.

Additionally, LinkedIn will add warnings to certain messages on the platform. These messages may include high-risk content or may sound like a sign of a scam. Users will also have the option to report such messages without informing the sender.

According to the company’s blogpost, “We are excited to be rolling out these new features. What you’ll see in future updates is how we’re exploring new ways to improve automated systems for fake account detection and removal, plus more member features to help keep everyone safe. ,

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