Krafton Releases May Update For New State Mobile: Here’s What’s New


Krafton has released the May update for the popular battle royale game New State Mobile. The May update is available on both Android and iOS devices, and it brings a host of new features within the game, including a new Battle Royale mode, new guns, improved graphics, and bug fixes. In addition, the May update for New State Mobile brings a new Survivor Pass, which the company says will enhance the gaming experience of players.

So, here’s everything that the May Update brings to the New State mobile game:

Everything new in New State Mobile

Revamped ‘Bounty Royale’ Mode

The May update is a remake of the ‘Bounty Royale’ game mode. In the new version, AI players have been excluded in order to maximize the intensity of gunplay. Krafton says that up to 32 human players can now form squads and compete against each other without any AI characters. “The objective is to collect squad points by collecting data from ‘generating devices’ placed on the battlefield or completing missions,” the company wrote in an update.

Furthermore, the company states that when a player’s character dies, they release some of the collected data, which can be retrieved by other players, which can be used by them for unlimited redistribution upon death. can be done for

The updated ‘Bounty Royale’ mode can be played for eight hours from 12:30 PM to 8:30 PM every day in India. “The Bounty Royale season begins and ends after the Battle Royale season. At the end of the season, you will be rewarded with Chicken Medals and Prestige Coins, which can be used in the Prestige Shop. This amount will depend on your Bounty Royale Tier Points,” the company said.

gun update

The May Update not only brings improvements to the existing guns, but it also brings new guns to the game. Here are all the details:

  • MG5 has been added. It is an LMG that uses 7.62mm ammo and has grip and scope slots. It is available in all maps of New State.

— The MG5 C1 has been specifically optimized for larger capacity magazines, including an increase in magazine capacity from 50 to 100 and a decrease in reload speed.

— The SLR C2 has been customized to now come with incendiary ammo. Incendiary ammunition sets the enemy on fire for six seconds on a successful hit.

UI and UX Updates

As far as the user interface and user experience is concerned, the utility of selecting the Deathmatch weapon preset has been improved. A weapon displayed on the screen will automatically be equipped without pressing the equip button. In addition, the sound of a parachute maneuvering within a certain distance will be displayed on the sound tracker in all game modes.

The company has also made changes to the death marker display. Crafton says that the location of a player’s last death will be marked on the map from their death until they land on the ground after redeployment. This will display on the world map UI, similar to the death marker of the player’s teammate. Additionally, a 3D death marker will be displayed on the player’s play screen until they land.

new survivor pass

Krafton has released Survivor Pass Volume 19. It features the ‘Blocker’ of the GLC faction as the protagonist. Players can earn rewards and obtain Blocker’s character skin by achieving all pass levels. Upgrading to the Legacy Pass allows users to re-purchase the ‘Imperial Guard Set’.

store related updates

A Prestige Shop has been added, in which users can spend Prestige Coins that can be obtained through Bounty Royale and Ace League. In addition, players can only purchase one crate or chest at a 50 percent discount once a day.

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