Krafton releases March update for New State Mobile with Ka-Boom mode, new weapons, and more


Krafton has released the March update for New State Mobile. The game went under maintenance for a short period of time on March 23, following which the game developer rolled out the update for all Android and iOS users across the world.

The March Update for New State Mobile brings a number of updates and new features to the game, including a new Ka-Boom, Lagna Map improvements, new Handgun Saw-Off, Recruit Mode for Erangel, and Survivor Pass Volume 17. other things.

What’s New in New State Mobile

So, here’s everything the March update brings to New State Mobile:

ka-boom mode

Crafton has added Ka-boom mode to the New State Labs. It is a one round deathmatch mode where players are given only grenade launcher and throwables. Ammunition other than grenades is not available in this mode. Most of the rules are similar to other RDMs. The only difference is that grenades do not deal any damage to friendly players. From care packages in the center of the map, players can obtain the ‘Red Zone Launcher’, which fires a more powerful blast than a normal grenade. In addition, the company says that in Ka-Boom mode, all areas except the starting point and some areas can be destroyed by explosions.

lagna update

The update also brings updates for Lagna, which was introduced in the February update. For starters, the Mesta, which is a classic sports car for two people, will always originate on the ridge between Estacion and Carta. In addition, multi-care packages now have a higher chance of spawning items, while the normal item spawn rate is also increased slightly. The company has also adjusted the Blue Zone settings to give players more time to obtain items in the first Blue Zone stage.

recruitment mode

Recruit mode is back for Erangel. Crafton says that the recruitment time for this mode has been reduced compared to the Battle Royale mode. Players can grow a team of up to eight players. Once the player successfully recruits a fallen opponent, both players’ health and booster levels will be fully recovered. Like other modes in the game, Recruit Mode is not permanent and is only available for eight hours each weekend during Hot Time.

weapon update

The company has also added new weapons to the game. The company has introduced a new 12-gauge handgun Sawed-Off that has powerful single-fire, which players use to easily kill other players at close range.
A choke can also be fitted at the muzzle slot. In addition, the extended mag customization for the submachine gun “Vector” has increased its magazine capacity from 45 to 50. The longer barrel and enhanced stock customization for the “Micro UZI” now features horizontal recoil control. Additionally, target support has been reduced for some guns, including the Vector and Micro UZI.

What else?

Additionally, the company introduced the ‘Legacy Pass’ for the game starting with Survivor Pass Volume 17, allowing players to obtain what was only available from the previous Premium Pass.

The company has also changed the hot time schedule. Here are all the details:

Image: Krafton

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