Jio-bp opens India’s largest EV charging hub in Delhi: Here’s everything you need to know


Jio-bp, a joint venture between Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) and energy supermajor BP, has inaugurated India’s largest EV charging hub in Delhi. This according to the company is a part of its key goal of operating a fuel retail network that offers multiple fuel options, including EV charging infrastructure.

Jio-bp EV charging hub has been set up in Dwarka, Delhi. Currently, its primary customer is BlueSmart.

To recall, the company launched its first mobility station in Navade, Navi Mumbai back in October, and has been focusing on growing its network ever since. In 2019, BP acquired a 49 per cent stake in over 1,400 petrol pumps and 31 Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) stations owned by Reliance for $1 billion. Now, the joint venture wants to expand this number to 5,500 by 2025.

The company claims that it wants to set up a network of EV charging stations and battery swap stations at its petrol pumps, which it refers to as ‘mobility stations’. Whereas, standalone points for EV charging stations and battery swap stations are being called ‘mobility points’.

“Jio-bp mobility stations are designed to help meet this growing demand and are ideally located for the convenience of the customers. Reliance-BP said in October last year that they bring a range of services to consumers, including additional fuel, EV charging, refreshments and meals, and plans to introduce more low-carbon solutions over time.

The company has also said that Jio-bp mobility stations across the country will offer additional fuel at no extra cost. This fuel will incorporate internationally developed ‘Active’ technology, which according to the company forms a protective layer on critical engine parts to help keep the engine clean.

With the joint venture, the company also plans to leverage Reliance’s wide customer base across India from its Jio and Reliance retail lines. In addition to the usual fuel and electric fuel options, the company is also looking to offer its customers different fuels, lubricants, convenience and advanced low carbon mobility solutions.

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